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Why Join GEA?

The Geothermal Energy Association is the definitive voice of the geothermal industry and works adamantly on your behalf to (1) support long-term industry growth through education, information, outreach and advocacy and (2) increase public awareness of geothermal energy and understanding of its near- and long-term potential.

Membership dues provide the bulk of financial support for GEA and directly facilitate our efforts to engage policy makers on critical industry issues, organize events, produce geothermal industry data, reports, and publications, engage the press in an aggressive public relations effort, publish the most widely-circulated geothermal newsletter, and more.

We provide our members with the most up-to-date information on what is going on in the geothermal industry today and the factors that are shaping the industry for tomorrow. GEA’s role has never been more vital and your participation is critical as we endeavor to expand the use of this

Information, Opportunity, Influence

GEA is dedicated to providing our Members with the valuable information resources and networking opportunities companies need to grow and thrive. And as the definitive voice of the geothermal industry, we work day after day on your behalf to increase geothermal’s visibility as an essential, reliable, and clean power supply and push for policies that will expand industry growth and innovation.

Information: GEA keeps our Members up-to-date every week with the news, and has reached an audience of over 500 million through our media and press efforts.

Opportunity: GEA facilitates elite networking opportunities for our Members through events, workshops, and receptions that bring you face-to-face with potential business partners, government officials, financiers and more.

Influence: GEA is the only trade association advocating for the U.S. geothermal industry and we actively represent the industry to a wide range of state, regional, national, and international groups. With the support of our Members, GEA has been a leader in efforts seeking to modify the federal production tax credit to work better with geothermal projects.

Grow the Industry, Grow Your Business

The driving force behind every GEA initiative is our mandate to support the expanded production and use of geothermal energy. By joining GEA, you are demonstrating your commitment to growing the geothermal industry and are providing the financial support GEA needs to continue our work on behalf of the entire U.S. geothermal industry. Plus, growth in the U.S. geothermal sector means increased business opportunities for all of our Member companies. Support geothermal energy? Join GEA now.

Member Dues Structure and Benefits


♦Student Membership (free): Includes one subscription to GEA newsletter.

♦Subscriber Membership ($95 annually): Includes one subscription to GEA newsletter.

♦Non-Profit, Government and Direct Use Membership ($250 annually): Includes up to five subscriptions to GEA newsletter as well as all other benefits of small and full membership

♦Small Business Membership ($600 annually): Open to self employed individuals and companies with 5 or fewer full time employees.

♦♦Full Membership ($1,800 annually): Open to corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, or associations.

Small Business and Full Members have the opportunity to discuss GEA priorities and elect Board Members at our annual Members Meeting. Additional benefits include:

  • Geothermal Energy Weekly Subscriptions for all employees
  • Listing in GEA's searchable online Member database
  • Discounts for all employees to attend GEA events and special exhibitor rate at the annual GEA Geothermal Energy Expo
  • Advance copies of geothermal reports
  • Email alerts about industry topics, issues, and opportuniti
  • Member Access on GEA web site to presentations and additional information resources
  • Eligible to win major GEA Honors Awards, participate on GEA committees, and be speakers or panelists at GEA events

♦♦♦Executive Level Membership ($6,000 annually): Open to corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, or associations.

In addition to receiving all of the benefits associated with Full Membership, Executive Level Member benefits also include:

  • Recognition as a major decision maker for GEA and the geothermal industry
  • Company logo appears on a rotating basis on the GEA web site homepage
  • Company profile under the Major Companies section of the GEA web site

♦♦♦♦Board level membership ($30,000 annually): Open to corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, or associations. Applications for Board Level Membership must be approved by the GEA Board of Directors to become effective.

In addition to all of the benefits of Full and Executive Level Members, GEA Board level members are integrally involved in the work of the organization. They designate a representative to the GEA Board of Directors, receive regular communications from GEA staff on their efforts, and help set the direction for the organization.

Please join the Geothermal Energy Association today! Click here to fill out a Membership Application.

With any questions regarding GEA Membership, please contact Kathy Schott at
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